Smart guide is a platform making travel better for everyone:

Smart Guide for attractions

Smart Guide helps tourist attractions to make professional multimedia guide for smartphones in a few hours for free.

Visitors experience more, learn more, have more fun and will more likely come back or recommend to others
It talks to visitors automatically when they approach an interesting place so they don’t need to read or study map, just enjoy
You don’t need to print brochures or worry about collection of hardware audio guides
Beyond speaking multiple languages. Children can listen to funny stories while parents listen to informative texts on the same tour
It will take you only a few hours to prepare a tour. We do the programming and produce professional audio recordings, all for free
You can offer free tours or sell premium content directly to visitors for the price you set

Smart Guide for travelers

Smart Guide turns your smart phone into a private guide

It talks to you automatically when you approach an interesting place so you don’t need to read or study a map, just enjoy
When you wander off route, the guide will show you map and direction back based on your GPS position
And there are many free guided tours available. You can also get premium content very inexpensively.
It has never been easier to share the best insider places and stories from the place you love with the world
The number of Smart Guides around the world is growing fast and you can access them all from one app
Download content over WiFi and then play outside without the need to use mobile data

How does it work?

It has never been easier to create your own professional Smart Guides and distribute them to many tourists

We provide the platform and mobile application so you can focus on the story. It will take you only a few hours to prepare a tour, all for free
You only create a great guide once and hundreds, thousands or even more people can enjoy it, anytime
Someone can follow your Smart Guide while you guide someone else, are somewhere else ... or even when you relax and do nothing at all
You can offer free tours or sell premium content directly to visitors
You can use a great Smart Guide as an advertisement for your services and offer those who like it further in-person guiding

How does it work?

Create your own guide in a few hours

  1. Walk around your site with a GPS enabled Recorder app as if guiding someone to record the tour and mark sights
  2. For each sight, send us photos and a short exciting description
  3. We will turn the descriptions into professional audio recordings and publish your guide
  4. Set the price for your guide and start offering to your visitors

Let your visitors enjoy the guide

  1. Advertise the guide at the entrance, cashier, information center etc
  2. Visitors download Smart Guide on the Google Play app store
  3. For paid guides, they can simply buy activation code voucher from you together with admission ticket
  4. Smart Guide will guide them through your tour

Download the Smart Guide app


Integrated maps and GPS navigation


Photos, audio, text descriptions work together


Tours downloaded for offline use - no data fees

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