Your attraction,
our technology.


Create a lasting bond with unforgettable experiences.

Amazing, unexpected adventures

Imagine insightful storytelling, convenient navigation, and tips for nearby attractions added to your experience. Visitors will love it, and can explore at their own pace and schedule.

Safe and contactless

Using a SmartGuide will be safer post COVID-19. Travellers can rest easy knowing they’ll be guided by their phone, rather than an unhygienic audio-guide or part of a crowded group.

Ready for you to use, right now

We’ve already developed all the technology you need. Custom-built, innovative and ready to go, SmartGuide saves you the hassle of publishing your own guide app.

400 destinations all in one app

Visitors already have so many apps on their phones. Nobody wants a different guide app for every place they visit. SmartGuide offers a world of guides, all in one.

Use existing content or publish yours

You can use any of our authentic, expertly crafted content for your guide. Or, publish your own and make it accessible only to your customers. You decide.

Extra revenue

Providing a free guide is an effortless way to wow your customers and build loyalty. Or, sell your guides for a profit and earn extra revenue with a 100% margin. We’re flexible.

Zero maintenance

Custom-built apps fail after 2-3 years without proper maintenance. We continuously take care of app support, so there’s no headache for you.

Big data analytics

Understand your customers and their habits. Insights from GDPR-compliant data will provide feedback including demographics, heatmaps, and usage stats like never before.

The SmartGuide platform digitizes tourist attractions or destinations in no time.

We make it fast, easy, and affordable for tourist destinations and attractions of all kinds to digitize their visitor experiences -- without the pain of building and maintaining custom apps.

It helps differentiate your offering. Transportation companies and hotels can boast a valuable add-on.

Customized SmartGuides are a valued add-on to the core offering, such as bus, train, and flight tickets, insurance, SIM cards or accommodation, and can help you stand out against competitors.

Run a travel business or tourist attraction?

SmartGuide could add to your customer experience. Curious? Find out where our platform could take you right now.

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