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Smart Restart With Contactless Guiding Technology

Smart Restart

Smart Restart safe tourism after Covid with Smart technology

International tourism dropped by 60% due to COVID-19. So how do we restart?

People still want to travel, but now they are more cautious. Tourists don’t want to mingle with crowds in a tour group anymore or use an unhygienic audio guide that someone else just held next to their face, whereas reading spoils the experience. Traditional tour guides are not suitable for guiding tourists anymore.

SmartGuide supports multiple partners and is helping to restart the travel industry in 400 tourist attractions and destinations around the globe through smart guiding technology. The SmartGuide app, which turns a traveler’s phone into a Covid-safe and convenient personal guide, has been awarded the Seal of Excellence in the COVID-19 response by the European Commission.

SmartGuide was created by a team of tourism specialists, Harvard graduates and travel enthusiasts. The combination of passion, knowledge and the need to act has resulted in the Smart Restart project with the aim to help tourism recover and grow safely.

We work with destinations, an eclectic array of attractions, transportation companies, tour operators and even entire countries. We are happy to share with you how we have helped them smartly restart tourism and how we can help you do the same.

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Covid-19 seal of excellence from European Commission

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